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Holocomms, is the world’s only creative technical installation consultancy agency solely focused on delivering large scale hologram communication networks, installations and global events. 

One of Holocomms current aims is to put Dubai front and center globally for the health sector with a focus on digital outpatient care, experiential learning, clinical training, remote patient care and relationship building within the medical ecosystem, facilitating existing and new partnerships. Leveraging existing and relationships within education having already beamed Stephen Hawking around the world for keynote address, partner existing hologram communication system with Imperial College London, and Oxford University.

Not only do Holocomms believe Dubai can be at the forefront in hologram technology, not just within the Middle East but globally within the next 2-3 years, across a number of sectors including:

1. Health

2. Education

3. Sports

4. Celebrity appearance

5. Entertainment

6. Museums

7. International Politics

8. International Business communication and training

9. Events and conferences

10. Social and Family

Below are a few historic examples of work the Holocomms senior management and consultancy teams have delivered over the past few years from London and want Dubai to be the centre of many more world firsts: